UNDP and South Korea partnership in Lebanon to support livelihoods and enhance basic services provision

August 18, 2022
Photo:UNDP Lebanon

Beirut: The Republic of Korea and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ‎are launching a two-year collaboration to support vulnerable communities in the south of Lebanon. Together, they ‎will be working to mitigate the effects of the multifaceted crisis, supporting the urgent needs of livelihoods ‎and basic services in Tyre.

The Tyre district has been severely affected by the compounded crises, with most municipalities now ‎unable to deliver basic services under their mandates due to limited financial capabilities.

Within this context, the new partnership with the Government of South Korea will target a cluster of villages in the Tyre district: Abbasiyeh-Shabriha, Bourghliyeh, ‎Borj Rahal, and Tayr Debba. This important support will complement the peacekeeping engagement of the Republic of Korea as part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

Through an area-based approach, the intervention aims to strengthen local capacities in providing basic services with a ‎focus on renewable energy solutions and sustainable solid waste management, prioritizing vulnerable ‎women, persons with disabilities, and youth.‎

“Korea has always been an unwavering partner on the road to improving and strengthening vulnerable ‎communities in Lebanon. As a troop contributing country to UNIFIL, the Korean Government hopes that ‎the proposed UNDP project will contribute to the peace and stability in southern Lebanon,” reiterated ‎Park Il, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Lebanon.‎

‎“We are happy to foster a new collaboration with the Republic of Korea in Lebanon to help improve the living ‎‎conditions of the most vulnerable” added Melanie Hauenstein, UNDP Resident Representative. ‎‎‎“This new intervention will allow us to strengthen basic services where they matter most – at the local level. This type of intervention is critical for Lebanon during these challenging times.”‎

The support of the Republic of Korea to UNDP is part of a regional initiative to support stabilization and early ‎recovery, and to strengthen transparency and accountable governance in countries like Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, the State of Palestine, Sudan and Tunisia.

UNDP is working in Lebanon since 1986 as a development partner supporting economic recovery, including working with municipalities to deliver basic services to host communities, promoting clean energy and solid waste management, strengthening governance and rule of law, providing support to elections and working on empowering women and youth.

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