UNDP launches community mediation network to transform prevention and mediation strategies

December 6, 2023

Community Mediation Network initiative launch during an official ceremony at the Zarqa Governorate Headquarters.

Zarqa– The United Nations Development Programme in Jordan (UNDP) today launched the Community Mediation Network initiative during an official ceremony at the Zarqa Governorate Headquarters, marking a significant milestone in advancing prevention and social cohesion measures.

The Community Mediation Network initiative, supported by the 2022 – 2025 Sustaining Peace Through Insider Mediation Regional Project, funded through the Regional Bureau for Arab States, will serve as a catalyst for innovative prevention and mediation approaches, prioritizing collaboration over enforcement.

At the heart of the initiative is the goal of establishing a dynamic platform that brings together local mediators and experts, bolstering the community's capacity to engage in social dispute mediation. This will be achieved through comprehensive problem-solving and conflict mediation training, as well as identifying efficient referral pathways to community mediation centres across Jordan.

Baker al-Hiyari, representing UNDP Jordan at the ceremony and the Head of Governance Portfolio at UNDP Jordan, emphasized the pivotal role of the Community Mediation Network in introducing innovative strategies to address the challenges of resolving social disagreements. He highlighted that the initiative will empower youth to drive community-led solutions, effectively contributing to tackling social, economic, and development challenges.

Al-Hiyari further explained that the initiative builds upon Jordan's established local practices in strengthening community resilience against social, economic, and development challenges. By doing so, it aims to reduce reliance on local public safety systems for conflict resolution, fostering self-sustainability within communities.

Hasan Al-Jbour, the Governor of Zarqa, expressed his appreciation for the Community Mediation Network initiative, emphasizing its potential to promote principles of tolerance and common understanding across Jordan's diverse communities. He extended his gratitude to UNDP for their continued efforts in supporting Jordan's pursuit of sustainable development goals, recognizing the significance of collaboration with the UNDP and other UN agencies on initiatives that benefit the community.

The launch ceremony, held under the patronage of Governor Hasan Al-Jbour, brought together local officials, network members, and representatives from the international community. UNDP's experts delivered a comprehensive presentation, outlining the key objectives of the initiative and the progress made in the current phase.

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