Poland reaffirms commitment to Iraq’s stabilization with additional US$270,000 contribution

July 31, 2023

Baghdad – Iraq’s post-ISIL stabilization efforts will continue to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable, as the Government of Poland reaffirmed its commitment with an additional inject of funding in the amount of 1.1 million Polish zloty (approximately US$ 270,000) towards UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS).

This is Poland’s second contribution to the Facility, bringing its total contribution to 2.1 million Polish zloty (over US$500,000). With this additional funding, UNDP will support the rehabilitation of critical infrastructure in communities affected by the conflict, further bolstering Iraq’s efforts towards long-term development.

“UNDP's work in Iraq is upheld by the principles of resilience, inclusivity, and sustainable development. We work alongside our partners, to ensure no one is left behind, as Iraq moves towards a brighter future. But our work is not yet over, the road to stabilization is only the beginning. This collective effort and investment must continue, as we rebuild communities, revive the local economy through livelihoods’ support and empower Iraqis, especially women and young people, to become catalysts of positive change,” says UNDP Iraq Resident Representative Auke Lootsma.

“To see lives transformed through this project has been extraordinary.  It is our hope that this contribution is seen as a reflection of our support and partnership in the rebuilding of Iraq’s future ,” says Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Iraq, His Excellency, Mr. Marcin Kubiak.

“Together with UNDP and the Government of Iraq, we will continue to advocate and support this life-changing project for the benefit of the country and the people of Iraq,” Ambassador Kubiak added.

Poland and the international community’s support to Iraq’s stabilization 

At the request of the Government of Iraq, UNDP, in partnership with the international community, established the Funding Facility for Stabilization in 2015 to facilitate the return of Iraqis displaced by the conflict. The project continues to lay the groundwork for rehabilitation, provide capacity support and ensures safeguards are in place to prevent the resurgence of violence and extremism.  Since its inception, the Facility has completed more than 3,600 projects across the five liberated governorates of Anbar, Diyala, Kirkuk, Ninewa, and Salah Al-Din. 

The lives of over 8.3 million Iraqis were improved, and the return of 4.9 million people displaced by the ISIL conflict were facilitated, through the implementation of these essential projects, through the Facility, which includes the rehabilitation of schools, hospitals, water systems, electricity networks, roads, and homes, and the creation of short-term employment.

Poland’s contribution has funded 61 projects, the majority of which are in the health sector. These life-saving projects have served over 250,000 people in need of some form of humanitarian health support or assistance. 

“Since 2015, we have witnessed the life-changing impact of our joint efforts, as we restored homes, schools, and delivered other essential services, creating opportunities to help vulnerable communities rebuild their lives. The generous contribution from the Government of Poland reinforces this joint commitment to support the people of Iraq, in their journey toward peace and stability,” says UNDP Iraq Resident Representative Auke Lootsma.