Role of stakeholders in creating conditions for inclusive participation and timely elections

May 24, 2024
Photo: UNDP Libya
Event Details

27 - 28 May 2024

Ammn, Jordan

The Organization of Arab Electoral Management Bodies (ArabEMBs), in collaboration with UNDP and the UN’s Electoral Assistance Division (EAD), is organizing a conference entitled ‘Role of Electoral Stakeholders in Creating Conditions for Inclusive and Timely Conduct of Elections in the Arab States’.

The aim of this conference is to to promote awareness and regional cooperation regarding the importance of inclusive electoral processes and predictability of the election timelines as per the legal framework and relevant political roadmaps (e.g. peace agreements) and collectively advance towards inclusive political processes, thereby fostering peace, stability, and sustainable development.

The conference will serve as an important platform for electoral stakeholders to convene, deliberate, and strategize on navigating the challenges and uncertainties prevalent in the region.

The conference will spotlight the role and responsibility of electoral management bodies, political leaders, legislative bodies, human rights institutions, civil society organizations and regional organizations in propelling the region towards conducting timely and credible elections.

Through insightful discussions, expert presentations and interactive sessions, participants will explore innovative strategies for enhancing the integrity of electoral processes in moments of instability and uncertainty, promoting consensus and inclusivity, and more specifically amplifying the voices of women and youth in the different phases of the electoral cycle. Additionally, a session dedicated to stock-taking of the state of electoral democracy in the region will provide insights from think tanks, universities, and other research institutions.

It will underscore the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration in amplifying the role of women in elections and political processes. Drawing on experiences from other regions such as Africa and Latin America, and it will also emphasize the value of South-South cooperation in strengthening electoral processes and inclusion agenda in the region.