Gender Justice & Equality before the Law Initiative

December 5, 2019

Date: 10- 11 December
Location: Amman, Jordan

UNDP in collaboration with UN Women, UNFPA, ESCWA will launch the regional report Gender Justice & Equality before the Law on 10th of December. The opening session features a summary presentation of the report and a round table discussion with participants from Sudan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia to discuss the importance of legal reform.

The launch event will be hosting two technical workshops to initiate a dialogue among gender experts, activists and government officials on law reforms. One, focusing on domestic violence, will draw on experiences from across the region, leaving the floor to participants from countries with comprehensive laws against domestic violence to share their experiences in passing laws, including the needs, gaps, challenges and opportunities in living up to international standards.

The second workshop will be an “Open Innovation Challenge” aimed to generate solutions for a platform which can engage and facilitate knowledge sharing between law makers, women’s rights advocates and activists on law reform in the region. The specific objectives of the Open Innovation Challenge are to develop an innovative mechanism that will:

▪ As laws change and evolve across the region, keep the gender justice initiative’s analysis up to date, accessible and useful for governments, policy makers and activists while ensuring the way it is presented promotes action by users;

▪ Make the data and material easily accessible for reporting against the SDGs targets as well as for analysis and advocacy purposes;

▪ Facilitate the ownership by national stakeholders and encourage their commitments to advocate for reforms in the penal codes, family law, nationality law and labor laws.

▪ Create a network of stakeholders, experts and donors with substantial knowledge and experience in gender inequalities and the law in the Arab states region.

The Open Innovation Challenge aligns with UNDP’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021 which describes its ambitions to use innovative solutions in its achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals within the 2030 Agenda.

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