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Arab Human Development Report

The Arab Human Development Reports (AHDR), published by UNDP since 2002, have contributed substantially to inform the regional and global debate showing that Arab countries can achieve a significant leap forward in development, reinforce stability and secure gains in a sustainable manner, if they prioritize adopting policies that ensure the well-being, productivity, self-determination and good citizenship of their population. 

In 2022, the 7th edition of the AHDR was launched with the title “Expanding Opportunities for an Inclusive and Resilient Recovery in the Post-Covid Era”. It examines the structural vulnerabilities of countries in the diverse Arab States region, and how they were exposed and exacerbated by the pandemic. It finds that the responses to the pandemic have varied due to factors such as level of preparedness, availability of resources, and institutional capacity.  It also identifies notable steps taken to tackle the worst impacts of the pandemic, from public health measures, social protection mechanisms and social solidarity initiatives. The report provides a series of recommendations for addressing deep-seated structural challenges in the region, necessary for building forward better towards an inclusive and resilient future for the region.

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Brief about AHDR

The Arab Human Development Reports (AHDR) started in 2002 to engage institutions and citizens in Arab countries in analysis and discussions about factors that shape the choices and freedoms available to people across the region. The aim is to foster understanding and consensus around regional and national development priorities, as well as suggest policies, strategies and opportunities for the empowerment of disadvantaged groups. By creating a platform of engagement, the Reports target policymakers, opinion leaders and civil society organizations who are committed to sustainable human development in the region.


Arab Human Development Reports

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