Digest no 15 - Regional Bureau for Africa

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Digest no 15 - Regional Bureau for Africa

June 22, 2022

Times of crises often present the temptation for short-termism, inward-looking and even protectionist policies.  But both COVID 19 and the war in Ukraine remind us that the only truly effective solutions to today’s challenges lie in global solutions. With mounting economic and social challenges, we must stay the course in working to strengthen multilateralism. 

In this edition of our Digest, we explore emerging narratives on doing development differently towards a #FutureSmartAfrica.  From smart urban resilience and redefining resilience – both the object of the recent High-Level Dialogue on Re-Defining Resilience, to new ways to engage the informal sector, transformation will require new policy approaches. Bold initiatives will be required to surface the power of innovation – an area in which our timbuktoo initiative starts to chart a path.

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