February 1, 2024
UNIP0D Uganda


New York, 1 February 2024 –  timbuktoo – UNDP’s bold, pan-African innovative and far-reaching initiative to spark a start-up revolution in Africa, is entering its second phase. 

The first phase of timbuktoo entailed designing the model, establishing University Innovation Pods (UNIPODS) across 13 African countries; building partnerships and the launch of the initiative at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Now the initiative goes into high drive in three key areas: crowding in investments to the Fund; building the 8 thematic hubs across the continent that will provide ecosystem support for young innovators working in the following sectors: Agritech; HealthTech; GreenTech; TradeTech; TourismTech; EdTech; Creatives and Smart Cities; and expanding UNIPODs to new locations in Africa. 

A new team is being mobilized for this second phase of timbuktoo’s evolution. 


For more information and interviews contact: 

Eve Sabbagh, Strategic Communications Specialist, Africa Bureau: eve.sabbagh@undp.org

Joy Kategekwa, Ad interim focal point, Africa Bureau: timbuktoo@undp.org