YouthConnekt Sahel Forum: Registration Now Open

October 22, 2021

Photo: Adobe Stock

In collaboration with the YouthConnekt Africa (YCA) Hub, the United Nations Office of the Special Coordinator for Development in the Sahel (OSCDS), Generation Unlimited, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the first-ever YouthConnekt Sahel Forum is scheduled to take place in Dakar, Senegal from 30 November - 3 December 2021.

The forum will mark the official launch of the Regional YouthConnekt Sahel Initiative and the YouthConnekt Senegal Chapter, and discussions will focus on various aspects of youth empowerment for young Sahelians - economic, social, digital and political engagement. Over three days, a combination of youth-centred events will hold, including informative sessions, high-level plenaries, panel discussions, keynote speeches, mini-workshops, awards, learning visits, exhibitions, and cultural events.

The YouthConnekt Sahel Forum will convene annually to connect youth from across the region and beyond with policy influencers, political leaders, industry titans and development institutions to engage, discuss, design, and accelerate youth empowerment efforts. The forum will create a platform for Sahelian youth to voice their issues, promote local solutions, rebrand the region and shape the futures they want.

For physical or virtual participation, register here

Deadline to apply: 24th November 2021

For more information, contact:

Jean De Dieu Sibomana, Youth Analyst/Sahel Youth Project Manager a.i., UNDP Sub-Regional Hub for West and Central Africa

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