Launch of the Two Years in Review Report

January 18, 2024
Photo: UNDP Afghanistan

The report, titled "Two Years in Review: Changes in Afghan Economy, Households and Cross Cutting Sectors",  provides an assessment of the socioeconomic changes and developments in the country since August 2021. Analyzing data collected by recent household surveys and other sources, the report shows that households, women and girls continue to bear the brunt of the humanitarian crisis and economic decline that followed the events of August 2021.

The report shows that the Afghan economy is struggling to recover after a 27 percent contraction since 2020. The report also introduces the Subsistence Insecurity Index (SII), which measures different dimensions of deprivation experienced by the people in Afghanistan. It unveils that 69% of Afghans are subsistence insecure – meaning they do not have adequate resources for basic subsistence living.

The report aims to inform policy discussions and influence strategic decisions that can enable Afghanistan to recover from decades of social and economic shocks and progress towards becoming an increasingly stable, prosperous, and resilient country. 


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