UNDP in Afghanistan

Legal Framework

UNDP works to improve the lives of people around the world. It has a plan for 2022-2025 that outlines its main goals and strategies and the plan is called the Strategic Plan 2022-2025. Similarly, UNDP Afghanistan is currently developing the Transitional Country Programme Strategy 2024-2025.

UNDP also has a Country Programme Document (CPD) for each country, which outlines the main development challenges and opportunities, the expected results and resources, and the monitoring and evaluation plan at the country-level.

Download CPDs for UNDP Afghanistan from the below table:

CountryYearProgramme Document
Afghanistan2023United Nation Strategic Framework in Afghanistan
Afghanistan2023Transitional Country Programme Result Framework 2022-2023
Afghanistan2022United Nations Transitional Engagement Framework (TEF) for Afghanistan 
Afghanistan2015Country Programme Document for Afghanistan (2015-2019) Extension until 2021
Afghanistan2013Country Programme Action Plan 2010‐2013
Afghanistan2013UNDAF - United Nations Development Framework in Support to the Afghanistan