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Our focus

Social Cohesion and Local Development

What we do 

Protracted crisis has inflicted severe social, economic and environmental damage, and adversely impacted human development in the Syrian Arab Republic, as evidenced by a significant drop in the Human Development Index (HDI), it also generated large-scale displacement of citizens, and negatively impacted citizens' security and access to essential services. This effect continues and multiplies placing significant strain on already stretched infrastructure, public and social services within host communities. Through its programme on Social Cohesion, Local Governance, Community Resilience and Gender Justice, UNDP is addressing these conflict induced challenges with the aim of putting Syria on a robust development path by establishing stronger, peaceful, and more socially cohesive communities.

How we do it

In Local Governance and Community Resilience, we take a multi-faceted approach to strengthen local capacities, enhance the provision of civil documentation, and reinforce community driven solutions by involving community members in the planning process so that they themselves become agents of change rather than targets for change.

Fostering  the  desired  outcomes  of  social  cohesion  and  cultural  sustainability  has  been  a perennial goal for many governments of plural societies in the world.

Fostering the desired outcomes of Social Cohesion has been perennial goal especially in countries that have suffered significantly from conflict. In the design of our Social Cohesion activities, we focus on maintaining a sense of belonging, fostering civic values, promoting trust and enhancing social engagement with the focus on youth encouraging them to play an active and positive role in the society. We believe that sports, culture, and public spaces are crucial for uniting communities, crossing boundaries, easing tension, and developing respect.

For Social Cohesion and Local Development pillars to be truly successful, we believe that women must play a central role. UNDP works to mainstream Gender Equality by supporting women empowerment and ensuring their full participation in this ongoing transition and by ensuring that gender equality is listed as a key objective in the outcomes of all activities.

Getting all of this right, provides an immense payoff, because Social Cohesion, Local Development, Gender Justice have the greatest impact on building resilience and achieving sustainable development.