About Us

What we do

Since the onset of the crisis in Syria in 2011, UNDP has responded to the huge needs that emerged by implementing a unique resilience programme to support the Syrian people. UNDP goes beyond humanitarian assistance in the sense that it strengthens the resilience of the Syrian people by enhancing positive coping mechanisms, that enable them to rely on themselves and rebuild their livelihoods, rather than remain dependent on humanitarian assistance. Within the UN Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), UNDP’s interventions are focused on the rehabilitation of basic and social infrastructures, providing livelihoods support, enhancing economic recovery and social inclusion, and strengthening social cohesion.

How we work

With the objective of enhancing the self-reliance of Syrians, UNDP implements diversified interventions - within the UN Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP)- in geographical locations chosen based on the severity of armed conflict impact, the capacity for labour absorption and creation, as well as presence of local partners to support implementation.

UNDP works with local committees consisting of local partners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), as well as beneficiaries and representatives from the host communities to ensure that all voices are heard.