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Our focus

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Natural Resource Management

The climate change mitigation and adaptation and natural resource management component will contribute to enhanced community resilience to environmental degradation and climate change. If UNDP supports communities to advance resilient forms of green recovery, then it can help mitigate a further erosion of the sub-national foundations of future development due to climate change and environmental degradation. UNDP will improve access for the most vulnerable people to electricity, including renewable energy solutions, and to equitable water resources, including through inclusive water resource management. It will support crisis-affected communities in restoring degraded land, forests and ecosystems; promote climate-smart agriculture; and improve solid and hazardous waste management. Initiatives will support the generation of updated data and knowledge related to climate change, energy and natural resources; strengthen advocacy and coordination; and develop sub-national capacities for accelerating action on climate change, sustainable energy and environmental management. Community-based initiatives will closely associate local women’s groups focusing on strengthening environmental resilience through planning and implementation of innovative approaches to climate change adaptation and the execution of mitigation plans.