The Potential of Sudanese Diaspora Remittances

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The Potential of Sudanese Diaspora Remittances

September 6, 2020

Annual remittances of around US$3 billion are essential to Sudan’s economy and society, empowered by a global diaspora. Understanding this lifeline and maximizing its value as a source of foreign currency and investment are crucial for a new Sudan.

In this report, The Potential of Sudanese Diaspora Remittances, we explore Sudan’s international migration landscape, return migration, the scale and forms of international remittances, and potential threats – including COVID-19 – as well as recommendations and pathways to safeguard and develop this critical asset. The report also explores a UNDP remittance quantification study and the potential for increased diaspora remittance investment in Sudan.

Endorsed by Prime Minister Hamdok, this report continues the close collaboration by the Government of Sudan and UNDP to engage the diaspora community, and capitalize on their uplifting potential. Representing another step in these efforts, we hope this report will enable better-informed debate about the potential role of diaspora remittances in Sudan’s economic revival, and the inclusive and peaceful Sudan envisaged by its people.