Our Impact: UNDP Sudan 2019

In Sudan, UNDP supports a broad range of development interventions. At present, this focuses on support for Sudan’s transition, coupled with efforts on peacebuilding and stabilization, climate-resilience and access to energy, and broader health and economic improvement.

In 2019, across Sudan’s states and at a national level, our interventions improved the lives of millions of Sudanese, as well as refugees and migrants.

Some of our results include:

  • Built two district courts in Darfur to investigate and prosecute serious crimes, including conflict-related sexual violence and sexual and gender-based violence
  • Established four Justice and Confidence Centres to enhance access to justice and legal services for internally displaced persons
  • Improved the gender sensitivity of three government prison directorates
  • Supported the training of 235 members of the Sudan Police Force to provide human rights-based policing services
  • Improved the accountability and transparency of legal institutions in line with international standards
  • Supported 10,380 youth with vocational training and access to private sector opportunities
  • Ensured 104,976 individuals (43% women) benefited from community-based reconciliation mechanisms, livelihood opportunities and natural resource management improvements
  • Established or maintained 108 community-based reconciliation mechanisms in Darfur, handling 1,801 cases, with 91 percent of cases resolved or referred to formal courts
  • Demarked 442km of safe migration routes across Darfur to mitigate conflict, as well as establishing 90 ‘hard’ assets to improve community stability i.e. community centres, markets and slaughterhouses, classrooms, wells and hand pumps for water, as well as veterinary centres
  • Facilitated 46,720 agricultural-reliant people (35% women) experiencing reduced agricultural costs and increased yields, 90% of whom believe their livelihoods are resilient and are less likely to engage in conflicts related to access to natural resources
  • Successfully concluded a trial of 29-solar powered water pumps in Northern State, replacing diesel fuelled agriculture, with close to 2,000 more planned across the state and other parts of Sudan
  • Signed a contract for Sudan’s first commercial wind turbine, planned to provide 1.5MW of wind energy, with installation beginning in 2020
  • Ensured health facilities providing HIV services had stable access to HIV and TB drugs, test kits, laboratory reagents, first line and second line ARV and TB drugs, with HIV testing increased - 96% of annual testing targets were met
  • Enrolled and retained 9,838 patients on antiretroviral treatment by end of September 2019.