Watch: ‘IMAN’: When faith is at the crossroads

October 11, 2020


Sudan’s socioeconomic and physical dynamics create vulnerability to radicalisation and violence. Iman the film explores the human side of these negative paths.


Migration corridors, youth unemployment and dissafection, areas with limited official presence, and extremist and radical elements all contribute to concerns around violent extremism in Sudan.

Efforts to prevent and mitigate such risks start within the community, and often require difficult conversations. With support from the Governments of Canada and Japan, and UNDP, Sudanese director Mia Bittar created Iman: When faith is at the crossroads to inspire conversation regarding violent extremism, pathways to it, and alternative options – drawing on real events and stories.

Based on extensive research and interviews by UNDP, the film tells the story of four young Sudanese who encounter radicalism on their path to adulthood, and has been watched, changed lives, and used as a tool around the world.

Vous pouvez également regarder la version française du film via ce lien.