Federal Ministry of Health & UNDP sign agreement to provide medicine

March 11, 2021

In a smart partnership between the Federal Ministry of Health and UNDP, the Office of the Federal Minister of Health signed an agreement today to provide medicines and medical equipment, given the challenges Sudan faces procuring life-saving medicines and medical equipment – primarily due to challenges with currency access.

UNDP is supporting the National Medical Supply Fund to overcome these challenges by assisting with purchasing medicines, medical equipment and basic consumables, as well as building capacity within the National Medical Supply Fund team, across 2021 to 2024.

Federal Minister of Health Dr. Omar Al-Najib noted the agreement focuses on the importance of providing medicine for citizens to benefit from sufficient quantities and access, and he hopes partnerships will expand to strengthen the health system in Sudan. Thanking UNDP for the support with procurement, he added: "Such partnerships aim to strengthen the health sector."

Minister Al-Najib explained Sudan is facing problems in the health sector that require hard work, noting human health is a priority