Changing with the times: fostering adaptability within the private sector

Thair Shraideh, Deputy Representative for Operations | Ei Cho Nyunt, Head of Procurement

July 4, 2022

Thair Shraideh, Deputy Representative for Operations

UNDP Sudan

The private sector is the engine for recovery, economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation. On average, private sector comprises 60% of a developing country’s gross domestic product (GDP), 90% of jobs and 80% of total international capital flows. 

UNDP Sudan strives to promote private sector development through active participation of Sudanese businesses. More often than not, this means adapting to changing times. In today’s world, hardly an aspect of our lives has not been transformed by digital technology, a notion further exacerbated post COVID-19. UNDP responds to the ever-changing digital landscape, using advancements in technology to deliver impact for our partners and the communities in which we work.

However, accelerated transformations can mean that many are left behind as business practices evolve. To ensure that the private sector can fully take advantage of new opportunities, it is important that they are supported to function in evolving systems and equipped to participate and thrive in a changing world.  

The UN is no exception to evolving dynamics – the SDGs and emerging global issues are reshaping how the UN operates and delivers results. They demand we rethink how we work and partner with others. But what does this mean for business suppliers in Sudan, and particularly those working with UNDP Sudan?