Equal Partners: Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality

December 16, 2020

Sri Lanka ranks 90 out of 189 in the Gender Inequality Index (2019). Over the years, significant strides have been made to create equal opportunities for women, particularly in terms of free and equal access to education and healthcare. However, in the face of structural barriers and harmful societal norms that perpetuate gender stereotypes - while gender inequalities can affect anyone - evidence points to women facing the most discrimination particularly in their own homes and social spheres.

The ‘Equal Partners’ campaign addresses unequal power relations between men and women, and hopes to transform traditional notions of masculinity and gender norms to ensure that all people are equal and free from discrimination in order to build a world where gender justice and human rights are promoted and protected.

The campaign serves as a reminder that gender equality is a fundamental human right and should be made an urgent priority this decade of action.

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