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UNDP Sri Lanka

Inclusive Governance

UNDP Sri Lanka’s Flagship Portfolio on SDG16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions brings together inclusive governance and peacebuilding work under one umbrella. The Portfolio is implemented by UNDP as part of its Country Programme and the United Nations Sustainable Development Framework and enables the provision of cohesive and integrated support to the Government of Sri Lanka.

This includes improving the effectiveness, responsiveness, and accountability of key institutions to deliver people-centered services; promoting inclusive, and participatory decision-making processes; and strengthening peace and reconciliation. Specifically, the portfolio contributes to the achievement of SDG 16+ targets, thus also enabling achievement of all SDGs. The portfolio intervenes across four inter-related thematic pillars:

  1. Voice and Representation
  2. Rights and Justice
  3. Strong and Efficient Institutions
  4. Social Cohesion.