Lives are lost and families are distraught as surgeries are postponed. Essential drugs, surgical consumables and laboratory items are out of stock at the national level. According to UNICEF, 70% of households have reduced their food consumption, primarily due to the rising cost of food, and 73% of households have had their incomes either curtailed or reduced.   

With highly restricted access to fuel and gas, supply chains are heavily disrupted, affecting all across the island, creating newly vulnerable communities everyday.  

Together we can rebuild.  



Take action by making a gift today to support vulnerable families in Sri Lanka to rebuild their lives. Your donation will help someone receive a much-needed operation, feed their children nutritious meals, and rebuild a sense of security in Sri Lanka. 

Every little bit counts to helping someone in need. Pair up with your family, friends or community and make a donation. 

You are not just giving medicines and food, but hope for a future.




You can contribute to two ailing sectors: healthcare, and food and agriculture. 

In the health sector, your contributions will be used to address the current shortages in vital, essential and non-essential medical supplies in Sri Lanka. 

The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization will provide us with up-to-date, real-time needs from hospitals around the country, so that we can utilize your contributions to procure the most needed essential and non-essential medicines and medical supplies for the country. Once we are able to purchase the medical supplies, we will rely on our partners at the Ministry, as well as Sarvodaya – a local NGO who has an expansive ground level reach in Sri Lanka – to ensure the medical supplies are shared with those who need it the most. 

In the food and agriculture sector, we will work with 25,000 farmers and female home gardeners who have been identified as some of the most vulnerable. With more than a 60% drop in crop production in the last harvest, farmers are facing compounded challenges that also add a heavy burden to the country’s food crisis. 

Through your support, these farmers will be provided with seeds and other necessary material for land preparation in order to cultivate crops like cowpea, mung bean and black gram. Over time, this systemic support to the food and agriculture sector will also contribute towards making the farmers more resilient in between harvesting seasons.

Your contribution is you taking action to provide much-needed help to vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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