Hospital Ward

Why Donate

How will my donation help? 

You can contribute to two ailing sectors: healthcare and food. Your contributions will be used to address the current shortage in vital, essential and non-essential medical supplies and towards procuring cowpea for farmers for mid-season harvesting and materials and awareness for strengthening home gardening activities among families.  

Your contribution is you taking action to provide much-needed help to vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka. 




According to the 2020 Transparency Index, UNDP is the most transparent UN agency. The contribution you make through this page will help deliver support to Sri Lanka at this time.  

The procurement process followed by UNDP in Sri Lanka adopt key principles that ensure transparency and accountability to the illustrated strategy;

  1. Best value for money;
  2. Fairness and integrity; and
  3. Effective competition.

UNDP procurement, built on these principles, has lent to established connections in local and global markets. UNDP procurement will assist the facility by procuring medical supplies and materials for mid-season crop cultivation, leveraging an extensive network of partners, including local partners such as Sarvodaya, where applicable. The target beneficiaries for these items will be selected in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the UNDP.  


Farmer with background farming land


UNDPs policy and programmatic response efforts to the current crisis covers:   

  • Fostering strong and sustainable economic recovery  
  • Providing social protection and livelihood support  
  • Strengthening governance and socio-political engagement  
  • Improving livelihoods, agriculture and food security  
  • Leveraging data to inform relief efforts