Toolkit: Civic Education for Youth

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Toolkit: Civic Education for Youth

July 4, 2022

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in South Africa has supported a Civic Education for Youth programme that is championed by Activate! Change Drivers to advance civic education across the country. The support includes the development of the Civic Education Toolkit which aims to empower young people and communities with tools and knowledge on local government, democracy, and active citizenry, including engagement methodologies to entrench democratic practices in society and foster community-based active citizenry.

The toolkit sets out to promote collective accountability and the creation of conditions for young people to interrogate, question and continuously hold political representatives accountable through legitimate, non-violent and democratic means for meaningful change and social transformation.

The 132-page toolkit can be used as a critical learning platform to identify and celebrate the actions that communities and young people are already taking to proactively find solutions to the challenges they face which is connected to our objective of promoting active citizenry as a community and nation-building tool.