Embarking on a Journey of Hope and Unity: Maxwell Gomera Joins South Africa in Shaping a Brighter Tomorrow

March 6, 2024

Mr. Maxwell Gomera presents his credentials to the Honourable Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Mr. Alvin Botes

UNDP South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa - In an inspiring new chapter for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in South Africa, we are thrilled to welcome Mr. Maxwell Gomera as our new Resident Representative. Mr. Gomera presented his credentials to the Honourable Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Mr. Alvin Botes, marking the beginning of an optimistic journey on 06 March 2024.


Mr. Gomera also assumes the role of Director of the UNDP Africa Sustainable Finance Hub (ASFH). Mr. Gomera’s appointment brings more than just an impressive resume to the UNDP South Africa and the ASFH; it brings a beacon of hope. With a storied career dedicated to economic growth, nature conservation, and sustainable agriculture, Maxwell has consistently demonstrated that progress is possible when we come together to address our challenges head-on.


From his transformative work in Rwanda where he served as Resident Representative, to his significant contributions to the ‘Global Green New Deal,’ Mr. Gomera has always been at the forefront of innovative solutions that not only tackle today’s issues but also pave the way for a more hopeful tomorrow. His leadership is characterized by a steadfast belief in collaborative effort, inclusivity, and the power of listening and learning from one another.


As we stand at the cusp of new possibilities, Mr. Gomera expresses a deep commitment to understanding and lifting the aspirations of South Africans. “I am here to listen, to learn, and to walk hand-in-hand with you,” says Maxwell. “Together, we can forge a path towards a future that is not just sustainable, but vibrant and full of promise.”


With a personal life as enriching as his professional one, Maxwell’s role as a family man and an Arsenal Football Club enthusiast adds a relatable and human touch to his professional persona, reminding us that at the heart of development lies the universal desires for connection and community.


As Mr. Gomera assumes his new role, he brings with him a vision for a South Africa where every voice is heard, every challenge is met with innovative solutions, and every step forward is taken together. His leadership promises a journey towards a brighter future, driven by hope, unity, and the shared belief that tomorrow is not only worth fighting for but also believing in.


A story of hope…

Our story of development is woven with threads of hope, ambition, and collective action. As Mr. Maxwell Gomera steps into his role, he joins South Africans in crafting a narrative where our shared dreams and aspirations shape the nation’s destiny. 


“Together, we can build a tomorrow that gleams with the promise of prosperity, sustainability, and inclusivity,” he said. Let us embark on this journey with optimism and determination, for the path we pave today will light the way for generations to come.