Building Digital Public Goods: takeaways from India’s COVID-19 vaccine implementation programme

Singapore Global Centre

Digital Solutions for COVID-19


As the number of countries with COVID-19 cases increase, each is engaged in a different stage of responding to the global pandemic. Some countries are also taking tentative steps into a recovery phase. Such a massive global crisis has highlighted the importance of a whole-of-government, and whole-of-society, approach. Within this approach, the role of digital and technology is also significant. 

The UNDP Global Centre is supporting countries in leveraging these tools to accelerate their response and recovery. This includes a particular focus on the role of open source, which draws on the collective intelligence of national and international expertise. 

  • Our COVID-19 Digital Toolkit features free-to-download tools that have been proven in other communicable disease and public health challenges – and which are also driving governments around the world. One government saved $4m by building on one of these tools, instead of starting from scratch.