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The UNDP has played a significant role in Singapore’s national development since it attained self-rule in 1959. The UNDP’s predecessor, the UN Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance (UN-EPTA), helped shape Singapore’s industrialisation policy and provided assistance in virtually every one of Singapore’s economic sectors.

In subsequent decades, the UNDP, together with other UN agencies, continued to provide technical expertise to the government of Singapore. This involved providing assistance in setting up new institutes and launching new initiatives that spanned a wide range of areas such as urban planning, communications, agriculture, healthcare, fisheries, education, manufacturing, transport, manpower development, and governance.

In the present day, the partnership between UNDP and the Government of Singapore continues through the UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development, where both parties work together to identify inclusive digital solutions for development from Singapore and drive their adoption across the world.

We believe technology and innovation – when applied thoughtfully and inclusively – have the power to make a positive impact on the world. They can also accelerate the development journey of a country. But coming up with life-changing solutions requires more than just innovative thinking; it also requires deep collaboration. And that’s why we’re here – to foster connections between unlikely parties, to generate bold new partnerships, to provide applied and technical knowledge, and to build ecosystems that make a real contribution to achieving the 2030 Agenda.

The secret to success will be in scaling sustainable development solutions, and we can’t do that without cross-sectoral input. To that end we aim to connect policymakers, practitioners, think tanks, leading private sector actors, entrepreneurs, and other relevant stakeholders in UNDP’s networks. With this system-wide approach, we aim to catalyse new insights and stimulate action on the ground in the countries where UNDP works.

Sharing knowledge across geographical boundaries and initiating multi-stakeholder partnerships will accelerate progress. We believe combining the power of partnerships and innovation is the key to a more sustainable future.


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