Singapore Global Centre

COVID-19 Open-Source Digital Toolkit

Technology and innovation can play an important role in tackling COVID-19, accelerating how governments and societies respond to the pandemic. Recognising this, the UNDP Global Centre is compiling open-source tools to accelerate the digital response to COVID-19. Although not a panacea, technology and innovation have the potential to support governments in their efforts on-the-ground.

The tools are split into four areas:

  • Disease Monitoring: identifying the spread of COVID-19 in a society
  • Prevention and Containment: preventing the spread of the disease, and supporting efforts to minimise further spread
  • Diagnosis: helping citizens and governments to confirm whether individuals are infected or not
  • Recovery: supporting governments and societies in recovering from COVID-19

Each tool may also require customisation for the context in which it will be deployed. This could include updates to location files to highlight local healthcare services, translation of user-interfaces into the local language(s), or larger tweaks.

Open-source approaches are not just limited to the tools below, but also underlying processes and software. This includes open government initiatives (such as and GDS) but also open-source software such as Drupal, R, and Python, and assets such as Docker and OpenStack.


Disease Monitoring

Prevention and Containment



Disclaimer: These tools are not endorsed by UNDP, or the UNDP Global Centre and we do not commit to providing any technical support in their implementation. We make them available here to support governments in their life-saving work and to accelerate their response to tackling COVID-19. Ahead of implementation, we strongly encourage all governments to conduct all necessary due diligence and to ensure that the technologies are deployed in an accountable and transparent manner. Although COVID-19 demands a quick response, it should not be at the expense of the rights of citizens.