From youth engagement programs like U-Report to education monitoring systems like EduTrac, RapidPro has become UNICEF’s common platform for developing and sharing mobile services that can be adapted for different contexts and sectors. It is a powerful tool for chatbot development.




At the core of RapidPro lies the exclusive Flow engine. With Flows, anybody can create complex SMS and voice applications without the need of a programmer or expensive consulting company. Using a basic Android phone, you can launch your application instantly in any country while avoiding expensive set-up costs or external technical support. RapidPro already works anywhere in the world, instantly. Simply download the free Android application to create an instant, reliable and inexpensive connection to RapidPro. Messages will then be sent and received using that phone's local SIM card automatically.


RapidPro has an extensive collection of APIs, allowing connections to many different chat and outreach channels – including WhatsApp. This makes it an ideal tool for chatbot development. .