Product Catalog Management Tool

PCMT - Product Catalog Management Tool

Global health supply chains face an acute pain point maintaining product master data because many organizations use inconsistent product identifiers and employ highly manual processes. The Project Catalog Management Tool aims to connect product catalogs in order to show a clear journey from manufacturer to patient.  




PCMT supports use of consistent identifiers for all products to enable interoperability and end-to-end visibility – ensuring that health products can reach everyone more efficiently. PCMT: reduces the burden of product catalogue management, prrovides interoperability, facilitates use of GS1 and barcoding, enables end-to-end supply chain visibility, and enables track-and-trace and recalls.


PCMT establishes master data that includes GS1 identifiers, global categories, and mappings to local identifiers. This enables end-to-end visibility, allows shipments to flow between systems, and helps supply chains perform.