openIMIS is an open-source platform which helps manage health financing processes. 

openIMIS is a web-based software that allows for seamless exchange of information between beneficiaries, health service providers and payers of a health financing scheme. The modular, highly customisable openIMIS software package helps manage: beneficiaries, benefit packages (services and prices), providers, service claims generation, review and processing, client feedback, and monitoring and data analysis.




Digitalisation of systems allows for smoother interactions between the complex, data-intensive systems of both health and social protection systems. openIMIS is an open-source software that helps scheme operators struggling with funding for such ICT systems by offering a free alternative for the digitalization and efficient management of health financing workflows.

Use Cases

  • Health financing schemes require the highly efficient implementation of multiple and complex business processes.
  • Scheme operators in low- and middle-income countries struggle to achieve efficiencies in these schemes when they lack access to appropriate digital technologies. openIMIS is an open-source software which helps manage these processes.
  • Building an “in-house” IT solution is resource-consuming and challenging. Commercial software packages come with expensive license fees. Being a global good, openIMIS improves and develops through the experiences and contributions of existing implementations, as well as the knowledge of experts worldwide.