OpenHIM connects health systems simply, securely and safely.

The Open Health Information Mediator (OpenHIM) improves interoperability between disparate information systems. 




Mediator Library: This is the 'App Store' for purpose-specific mediators that extend the OpenHIM. Take a look and see if any match what you need. If not, then the OpenHIM documentation can show you how to create your own.

Use Cases

  • The Open Health Information Mediator (OpenHIM) is an interoperability layer: a software component that enables easier interoperability between disparate electronic information systems by providing a central point where the exchange of data is managed. An interoperability layer receives transactions from different information systems and coordinates the interactions between them. The OpenHIM provides a layer of abstraction between systems that allows for the transformation of incoming messages to a form that the other system components expect and can support the business logic by orchestrating the transaction flow.
  • The OpenHIM enables easier interoperability between systems by connecting all of the infrastructure services and client or point of service applications together. In the OpenHIE context, these systems are Health Information Systems (HISs) such as a client registry, worker registry, facility registry, shared health record, terminology service, etc.