Open-source software to build interoperable digital payment systems, increasing financial inclusion in a context of COVID-19 recovery.

Mojaloop was designed to provide a reference model for payment interoperability, that can be used to overcome barriers that have slowed the spread of digital financial services. Whole, adapted, or as a blueprint – the Mojaloop Foundation’s open source software can be used by organizations to build interoperable, digital payment systems that enable seamless, affordable financial services between individual users, banks, government entities, merchants, mobile network operators, providers, and technology companies – connecting the underserved with the emerging digital economy.


  • The Mojaloop open source software uses a set of eight principles that the Mojaloop Foundation members and community believe are required for payments systems to be inclusive, including:
  • Open-loop interoperability between providers.
  • Adherence to well-defined and adopted international financial inclusion standards.
  •  A push payments model with immediate funds transfer and same-day settlement.
  • Adequate system-wide shared fraud and security protection.
  • Efficient and proportional identity and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements.
  • Meeting or exceeding the convenience, cost, and utility of cash.
  • Enablement of organizations to customize the open source software to update or evolve their own system and ensure appropriate compliance with internal operational standards and local regulations.
  • Continual improvement by the Mojaloop open source community and by users that engage with it, contribute to it, test it, and adapt.

Use Cases

  • Collaborated with Orange Group and MTN Group to set up mobile payment wallets in Africa.