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Oslo Governance Centre

preventing violent extremism

Since 2014, UNDP has been working to develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of violent extremism. We aim to address two interlinked challenges: (1) the rise of violent extremism, using a development and peacebuilding approach firmly grounded within human rights principles, and (2) the need to govern increasingly diverse and multi-cultural societies, which requires attention to institutions, political and religious ideologies and people and promotion of human rights based approaches.

The Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) initiates research on the drivers of violent extremism – political, social and economic. A key focus for the OGC is to use insights from research to strengthen UNDP’s approach to preventing violent extremism (PVE) programming in terms of the role of women in PVE and the gender dimension of PVE. Our work specifically looks at good practices in gender sensitive design of PVE programmes, as well as gender sensitive impact measurement frameworks for PVE programmes.

OGC has a strategic role in UNDP’s efforts to address violent extremism, and works closely with other units in UNDP to link research results to our action on the ground.

In response to demand among Member States, and in coordination with the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism and UN Country Teams, UNDP has supported national efforts to prevent violent extremism through evidence-based research, policy support and programme delivery. As a result, there is a growing repository of cutting-edge research findings, and lessons learned on the implementation of a range of PVE interventions. This has helped to accumulate knowledge and garner the interest of more partners to join hands with UNDP to tackle the root causes behind violent extremism.