UNDP Global Policy Centre for Governance

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About the Policy Centre

UNDPs Global Policy Centre for Governance is a conduit of frontier research, a convener of new ideas, a curator of empirical evidence, a connector of disciplines, a conversation starter in public, and a meeting space for researchers, policymakers and practitioners. The Centre’s goal is to prompt policymakers to use cutting edge research, analysis, and insights to inform policy-making for inclusive, accountable and effective governance systems.


The Centre connects policymakers, researchers, and practitioners to create novel knowledge, data and insight. It uses cutting edge research and analysis to inform dialogue and decision-making. The goal is to foster transformative change for inclusive, accountable, and effective governance systems. The center is to deliver both for program implementation on to improve the global discourse on frontier governance issues. It does not extend direct country office support but develops overall program guidance on four research and engagement agendas defined by its board. It works across the UNDP global policy network and connects to global thematic teams.