Doğuş University and ICPSD collaborate to advance sustainable development through frontier technologies and research

June 19, 2023
Director of UNDP ICPSD Mr. Sahba Sobhani and Rector of Doğuş University Prof. Dr. Turgut Özkan

The agreement was signed by the Director of UNDP ICPSD Mr. Sahba Sobhani and the Rector of Doğuş University Prof. Dr. Turgut Özkan



Istanbul, Türkiye – UNDP Istanbul International Centre for Private Sector in Development (ICPSD) signed on Friday a statement of intent with Doğuş University to cooperate in advancing research and application of frontier technologies for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The partnership aims to harness the unique role of academia in addressing the challenges posed by the digital divide and leverage frontier technologies for inclusive development.

The agreement between Doğuş University and ICPSD's SDG AI Lab solidified both sides’ intentions to join their efforts, knowledge and expertise in areas of shared interest, including research and outreach in the field of frontier technologies. They will work to promote the use of frontier technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, in advancing the SDGs and will identify and engage other stakeholders to deepen and widen the partnership.  

Through this collaboration, the parties also seek to develop certification programs that will enhance understanding and implementation of the SDGs. Thus, they'll explore opportunities for the arrangement of certification programs, like GIG Work Economy, Carbon Regulation Adjustment and ESG Risks for SMEs, Gender Equality, and the Creation of Technological Agricultural Practices for Sustainable Economic Development and Green Finance.

The partnership is a step forward in realizing the potential of frontier technologies to improve social, economic, and environmental outcomes. It is in line with Türkiye's commitment to sustainable development on a global scale and with UNDP's vision of a world where digital technologies empower people and the planet. By fostering research and encouraging practical applications of frontier technologies, the two partners will further contribute to sustainable development.

Signatory ceremony between ICPSD, Doğuş University and UNTB

Attendees and distinguished guests at the ICPSD - Doğuş University signatory ceremony

Doğuş University

In his remarks, the Rector of Doğuş University Prof. Dr. Turgut Özkan said that “universities have the potential to be at the forefront of SDGs advancement and at Doğuş University we have all necessary capacities and skills”. Doğuş University is recognized for its entrepreneurial and scientific focus, emphasizing research and development.

In response, the Director of UNDP ICPSD Mr. Sahba Sobhani affirmed his belief that the collaboration with Doğuş University will drive research and knowledge exchange and encourage the practical application of frontier technologies for sustainable development. "Together, we will bridge academia and industry, connecting research with practical application," Mr. Sobhani concluded.

The signatory ceremony was attended by delegates representing the government of Türkiye and the board of trustees of Doğuş University. The opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Erhan Sırt, Head of Multilateral Development Cooperation Department, Presidency of Strategy and Budget, Presidency of Türkiye, Ms. Aslı Güven, Head of Department, Directorate General for Multilateral Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye, and Dr. Taffere Tesfachew, Acting Managing Director of UN Technology Bank for the Least Developed Countries (UNTB).  




About Doğuş University  

Doğuş University, established in 1995 by the Doğuş Education Foundation, is a non-profit public foundation university in Turkey. Since its official inauguration in 1997, it has rapidly excelled in higher education, offering a wide range of programs at various levels. With a focus on quality education and distinguished academic staff, the university aims to equip its graduates with the necessary skills to analyse global developments, solve problems, and contribute to society.  


About UNDP SDG AI Lab  

The SDG AI Lab is a joint initiative of the UNDP Bureau of Policy and Programme Support, hosted under UNDP IICPSD. The Lab has a mission to harness the potential of frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for sustainable development. SDG AI Lab provides research, development, and advisory services in the areas of frontier technologies and sustainable development. As well, the Lab supports UNDP’s internal capacity-strengthening efforts for the increasing demand for digital solutions. To bridge the talent gap in the use of frontier technologies in development contexts, the Lab mobilizes a community of volunteer data scientists, connecting UNDP teams and highly skilled data scientists to address development challenges with digital solutions.  



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