FCPF Final Evaluation Report

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FCPF Final Evaluation Report

January 13, 2021

Funded by the World bank and implemented by UNDP from 2015 to 2020 (in two phases), the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) REDD+ Readiness Project aimed at getting Papua New Guinea ready for implementing the REDD+.

The project’s relevance has been assessed as very satisfactory as:

  • The project is aligned with national strategies, PNG international commitments, in particular through the UNFCCC the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (2018-2022) for PNG and UNDP Strategic plan.
  • The project design is based on the lessons learnt from UN-REDD programme (2011 – 2017), which has been the main project supporting REDD+ readiness in the country prior to the FCPF projects.
  • National ownership of the project is good, through the involvement of CCDA and PNGFA as national counterparts, the engagement of other key national agencies and of a wide range of stakeholders. CCDA has been associated to the management of the project, in particular thanks to the project team being housed in CCDA building and a system of pairing connecting each UNDP project’s staff with a CCDA staff.

While the project was very ambitious, project delivery has been good, and its effectiveness can be deemed satisfactory. The REDD+ Warsaw framework is now in place in PNG enabling the country to effectively participate in REDD+. 

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