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Our focus

Environment and biodiversity


Papua New Guinea is a country rich in natural resources. Its exclusive economic zone of 3.1 million square kilometers is host to abundant tuna resources and diverse marine fisheries. The country’s tropical rainforest is the third largest in the world and is characterized by extraordinary biodiversity (more than 5 per cent of the world’s total). The country however has continued to suffer serious environmental degradation since the last decade through unsustainable resource use practices, habitat destruction, pollution and poor environmental governance.

Our goals

The valuing of ecosystems goods and services to achieve economic development has been advocated by the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) under their initiative on promotion of environmentally sustainable economic growth in recent years. This is becoming an increasingly important agenda for GoPNG as exemplified by PNG’s leadership in exploring opportunities through the mitigation of climate change effects through advocating reduced emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+). The government has also identified adaptation to climate change as critical and has plans to identify mechanisms to assist the local population to prepare and avoid the devastating effects such as displaced communities, food shortage and limited access to clean water.