Support the government’s leading role in inclusive and integrated crisis management and assessing and planning for the medium- to long-term socioeconomic recovery

Empty streets of Jerusalem. Closure and increased fragility. ©UNDP/PAPP – Ahed Izhiman

The medium - to longer-term social and economic impact of this crisis will be profound for the State of Palestine. UNDP is working with the GoP through the Prime Minister’s Office and key ministries, to understand the social, economic, environmental, and political impacts of the crisis, to find ways to mitigate them with sustainable, resilient and rights-based solutions.

1. Facilitating the development and operationalization of the Socio-economic Response and Recovery Unit housed at the Prime Minister’s Office to support the government’s capacity to coordinate and respond to emerging socio-economic needs. Comprised of a team of experts, the unit will provide coordinated responses to ensure the social safety of the most vulnerable communities and groups, and the rapid recovery of MSMEs and key economic sectors, including sectoral and systemic activities. Key functions include:

  • Identifying and filling any data gaps, predominately at the household/community level, and/or sectoral level.
  • Designing and developing a socio-economic recovery roadmap including evidence-based and gender responsive interventions.
  • Facilitating technical coordination across key ministries to centralise government recovery efforts and strengthen line ministries’ capacities to effectively respond to their respective constituencies.
  • Establishing an information management system to monitor and track socio-economic responses and interventions.
  • Supporting the PMO’s leadership in aid coordination.

2. Supporting line ministries with individual response plans and mitigation interventions required to support socio-economic recovery, including the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs, the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of National Economy and the Ministry of Local Government.

3. Strengthening accountability and transparency in government responses, including supporting the sustainability of independent media outlets to continue much needed public health communication campaigns, fighting misinformation, and fostering public debate around the government’s responses.