Rehabilitation of Electricity Power Distribution Network in Three Areas in the Gaza Strip

Installation of MV switch disconnectors


Project Summary

The project’s main objective is to help address the needs of the energy sector in the Gaza Strip by improving and rehabilitating the electricity networks by targeting three main areas namely East Gaza, Beit Hanoun, and Khan Younis. The project includes the rehabilitation of all electrical cables and wires of different sizes and all associated accessories. The overall activities within the project components were achieved including the supply and installation of steel and electrical materials, in addition to the rehabilitation of electricity networks within the targeted areas.
The project included two packages; the first package covered the supply of electrical and steel materials, while the second included the installation works for the supplied materials. Implementation works within 35 different locations were completed in December 2017. All works were handed over to Gaza Electricity Distribution Company (GEDCO) for the operation of the utility grid.

Accomplishments and Progress

  • 51 km of cables and wires, with different sizes, were supplied and installed.
  • 30 electrical distribution transformers were supplied and installed.
  • 145 medium and low voltage poles were supplied and installed.
  • 38,122 people directly benefited from project activities within the targeted areas (4,585 beneficiaries in Beit Hanoun, 26,950 beneficiaries in East Gaza, 6,587 beneficiaries in Khan Younis).
  • The number of beneficiaries is expected to double upon connecting future electricity subscriptions that could be done through the provided extensions and upgraded electricity networks.
Geographic Coverage: Gaza Strip
Partners: Gaza Electricity Distribution Company (GEDCO), Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority
Sustainable Development Goal/s: Affordable and Clean Energy
Project Manager: Iman Al Husseini, Programme Specialist
Contact: 059-9-606775, Email:
Ashraf Abu Shamala, Programme Manager
Contact: 00970–59-9606792
Other Documents: Project Fact Sheet