INSPIRE 2022: UNDP and Al Fakhoora Launch Third Annual Conference Headed, Designed and Presented by Youth in Gaza

March 23, 2022

Participants experimenting with the Road to 2030 Game at the Inspire Conference

Gaza Strip, 22 March 2022 – The United Nations Development Programme and Education Above All (EAA) Foundation, through its programme Al Fakhoora, organized, in partnership with Al Nayzak Organization for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation, the first conference of its kind in Gaza that is headed, designed, and presented by youth. The INSPIRE2022 conference is the third of the annual series that aims to empower youth towards positive change and play an active role in their communities.

Under the theme: “Confusion to Clarity: Preparing for Uncertain Futures”, the third annual conference was held on 22 March 2022 as a hybrid event in light of the circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme this year was a result of several meetings with the leading youth team of INSPIRE. Fostering a “giving back” approach, approximately 600 youth, as well as community leaders and representatives of local and international organizations attended the conference in person along with over 350 people virtually.

Mr Talal Al-Hothal, Director of Al Fakhoora Programme in Education Above All Foundation highlighted that INSPIRE was always a unique event. “The Youth has exceeded our expectations. INSPIRE is among the distinguished initiatives that were designed not only to serve Al Fakhoora programme but extended to serve the whole community”. Mr Al-Hothal continued by addressing the youth; “for three years, you continued to design an inspirational conference that reflects the level of inspiration in your hearts and minds. It is because of this success, Al Fakhoora programme exceeded the borders of Gaza to include other youth from the MENA region. We will continue to support the marginalized youth that live in conflict areas”.

The Al Fakhoora scholars led the conference along with their peers in Gaza. These young people played a key role in shaping the conference agenda and the leadership development of an inspirational road that engaged artists, intellectuals, young learners, and writers. Three small business ideas led by young entrepreneurs were also selected to showcase their work at the conference.

In her opening remarks, UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator, Ms Yvonne Helle, highlighted that Gaza has a fast-growing population, 22% of it is youth. However, without sufficient job prospects and a 71% unemployment rate among young graduates, it is a resource that will remain untapped. “INSPIRE is a safe platform created to harness and nurture young people’s creativity and potential and have their voices heard on issues related to social change, economic growth, employability, technological advancements, and mental health,” she added.

UNDP Special Representative taking part in the Road to 2030 game at the Inspire Conference

Hani Shehada, Country Manager of EAA office testing the Road to 2030 game

Victor Munteanu, head of UNDP Gaza office

Prior to the conference, the young men and women from Gaza participated in the design of the discussion panels during a six-day boot camp. Five roundtable discussions were also organized engaging 200 academics, professionals, private sector, and NGO representatives, in addition to four virtual webinars that were attended live by over 250 people, along with 6,500 people offline via the webinar.

The young organizers were also heavily engaged in the development of policy papers focusing on the five focus areas presented at the panel sessions and moderated by Al Fakhoora alumni. The sessions addressed higher education as an engine of development or being a decorative action; skills as a drive for employability; entrepreneurship horizons and missing links; cryptocurrency being an opportunity or a challenge; and mental health for productivity. The panels engaged both prominent experts as well as Al Fakhoora scholars.

Engineer Aref Al Husseini, Founder, and Chairman of Al Nayzak Organization affirmed in his welcoming speech that the conference is the result of a long process of learning and reflection. “We have to believe in the capabilities of our youth and provide them with sources of knowledge and leave them to go through the experience alone. What young people can do and achieve, especially in this digital era, is much greater than what we can imagine. Perhaps we also, as digital immigrants, do not understand all the details the young generation does, who is considered a native to technology. I would like to thank UNDP, Al Fakhoora Scholarship and Empowerment Programme and Education Above All Foundation for their continuous efforts and cooperation in implementing this programme and supporting Palestinian youth,” Mr Al Husseini added.

The conference took place at Al Mashtal Hotel in Gaza and was attended by Mr Hani Shehada, Country Manager of EAA office; Yvonne Helle, UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator; Victor Munteanu, UNDP Head of Gaza Office, with the virtual presence of Talal Al-Hothal, Al Fakhoora Director of EAA and Mr Aref Al Husseini, Founder and Chairman of Al Nayzak Organization for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation.

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