How a digital dashboard is tracking Pakistan’s progress in Human Rights commitments

July 8, 2020

Pakistan is a signatory to seven major human rights treaties, a party in the European Union’s General Scheme of Preferences, and a party to the SDGs. These international commitments require the country to protect human rights and to report on the progress made in ensuring these protections are in place. Accurate data on human rights is essential, both for reliable reporting and to meet international commitments.

UNDP in Pakistan provided technical and capacity assistance to develop and operationalize an innovative digital dashboard for the Government of Pakistan to collect human rights data. The Human Rights Information Management System includes Pakistan’s treaty recommendations, SDG targets, Universal Periodic Review recommendations, and a set of nationally-contextualized human rights indicators compiled through a consultative process using a human rights-based approach to data. Users can review Pakistan’s human rights commitments, efforts to implement these commitments, and the attainment of rights by rights-holders.

The system was piloted in KP under the name ‘the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Virtual Platform’ or KPVP, and was developed in consultation with the Department of Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights, based on a baseline study of the provincial data ecosystem. The Ministry of Human Rights is now expanding the system to the remaining provinces and at the federal level.