State of Youth Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Pakistan

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State of Youth Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Pakistan

April 24, 2024

The State of Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan reflects the country’s growing momentum in its entrepreneurship ecosystem since 2012, marked by an increasing number of startups, funding opportunities, incubation centres, and entrepreneurship-centric events in both public and private domains. However, despite these efforts, Pakistan’s global ranking in terms of entrepreneurial ecosystems remains low, with significant disparities in gender and youth development indicators. 

Pakistan’s youth population, being the fifth largest in the world, holds immense potential for economic growth and development. However, the country faces challenges in harnessing this potential due to high levels of illiteracy and limited access to education, employment, and connectivity. Marginalized communities, including rural youth and persons with disabilities, face even greater barriers to accessing opportunities and support for entrepreneurship.