Balochistan Flood Recovery Plan

Balochistan FRP 2022

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Balochistan Flood Recovery Plan

October 10, 2023

Pakistan, despite being a low contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, remains highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The recent torrential monsoon rains in Balochistan in the summer of 2022 have caused severe flooding, resulting in significant damage to lives, infrastructure, and livelihoods of the affected population. The floods have led to loss of human life, destruction of houses, damage to roads and bridges, loss of livestock, and disruptions to public services. The estimated damage to Balochistan province amounts to PKR 349.00 billion ($1.625 billion), with an additional PKR 491.00 billion ($2.286 billion) required for reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts. 

The Balochistan Flood Recovery Plan is organized into four Sector Strategic Response Recovery Objectives (SROs) comprising 22 subsectors, with activities classified under three categories: Policy/Procedure, Investment/Programme, and Institutional Effectiveness. The planning process focuses on mid-term priorities for the most affected districts, aligning with the World Bank Response Plan and the Balochistan Comprehensive Development and Growth Strategy (2021-26). The plan integrates with the Provincial Public Sector Development Program (PSDP), exploring opportunities to reorient existing projects and develop new interventions to address the specific needs of the province.

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