Creating awareness on climate change: Senator Sherry Rehman launches UNDP’s Coffee Table Book “Fading Vistas - Beauty of Northern Pakistan”

July 27, 2023
Photo: Shuja Hakim/UNDP Pakistan


Islamabad, 27 July 2023 — Senator Sherry Rehman, Federal Minister, Ministry of Climate Change & Environmental, with Mr. Samuel Rizk UNDP’s Resident Representative to Pakistan, launched UNDP’s Coffee Table Book: Fading Vistas – Beauty of Northern Pakistan. The event also exhibited photographs of the breathtaking scenery of the mountains, lakes, and glaciers of the 24 GLOF-II Project valleys in Gilgit Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The event is part of GLOF-II Project – a joint initiative by the Ministry of Climate Change and UNDP, with the support of the Green Climate Fund.

The book, “Fading Vistas” holds a collection of exquisitely curated photographs of Northern Pakistan's valleys, glaciers, and mountains to reinforce the need to safeguard them from the devastating impacts of climate change. The book also illustrates some of the devastating effects of glacial lake outburst floods and GLOF-II interventions to support affected communities.

The Federal Minister, Senator Sherry Rehman, on working relentlessly on climate adaptation to reduce Pakistan’s climate vulnerability, stated, “Our deep connection to the wondrous ecological systems of the Earth can in no way be negated or undermined, as without the grandeur and benevolence of our natural habitats – the splendid valleys, vast forests, and monumental mountains; we would truly cease to exist.” 

The Honorable Minister reinforced how Pakistan bears the brunt of global warming despite its low emissions rate, exacerbating poverty, gender inequality, and loss of livelihoods.



On the occasion, UNDP’s Resident Representative to Pakistan, Mr. Samuel Rizk, highlighted, “Climate Change is a huge development challenge. Apart from the global impacts, it is hitting the poorest and the most vulnerable first and hardest, as they rely on natural resources to support their livelihoods. UNDP is committed to building climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable policies into development plans and programmes in Pakistan.”

Pakistan’s rich topography ranges from the highest glacier-covered mountains to the deepest seas, hosting rich biodiversity and ecosystems. However, climate change makes these natural habitats susceptible to the grave danger of perishing. While our Earth is warning us of rising sea levels owing to large glacial melts, torrential rains, and unprecedented floods and droughts, sustainable climate action needs to be taken to safeguard these endangered sights and ecosystems. 

UNDP’s GLOF-II project works in 16 valleys of Gilgit Baltistan and 8 valleys in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It empowers communities to identify and manage risks associated with GLOFs and related impacts of Climate Change, strengthen public services to lower the risk of disasters related to GLOFs, and improve community preparedness and disaster response. The project also supports the development of sustainable options for livelihoods in project areas, with a particular focus on the participation of women in ensuring food security and livelihoods.

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