Citizens Budget Guide Fiji

Citizens Budget Guide Fiji

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Citizens Budget Guide Fiji

April 1, 2021

Citizens Budget Guide is a simplified, devoid of technical language presentation of information about the national budget. Citizens Budget Guide aims not only to improve the perception of budget information but also to promote accountability and transparency in public financial management. The information provided in the document will encourage citizens to monitor the accountability of elected representatives and officials. This will promote good governance and verify the effectiveness of public funds in compliance with citizens’ needs. It allows exercising their right to public scrutiny by government officials, access to information, and the provision of services. Familiarizing citizens with the formation and use of the budget will at the same time raise the importance of public discussions in the financial management system.

The 2020-2021 Fiji Budget builds on key measures introduced in the COVID-19 Response Budget to support economic recovery, rejuvenate private sector activity, protect jobs, assist the unemployed, and maintain overall macro-fiscal sustainability.

This Citizens Budget Guide is not an official government document and was produced based on publicly available information.

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