Make it Public - Finance: 'Almost Experts' Mentorship Program

August 8, 2021

The Strengthening of Public Finance Management and Governance in the Pacific Project (PFM) is launching a mentorship program.

Who should join? Anyone who wants to have a say, play a part and make a difference on how public monies are managed in the Pacific.

What will you get out of it? An “almost expert” public finance management training, the time to review with your peers and trainers how you can make a difference and support in drafting and working on your next (or first!) budget submission. We’ve also allocated some funds to support the ideas developed during the programme.

What do you need to commit to? The Make it Public – Finance mentorship program will be implemented over four months, commencing August 2021. The mentorship will include trainings, online educational courses and exercises up to four hours a week of effort over four weeks with the involvement of international and Pacific consultants, trainers, and project staff. It will also include two assignments which you will need to complete with your group or organization.

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Do you still want to know more?

Here are the details:

The Make it Public - Finance mentorship programme includes training and reflection spaces on:

  • who does what (and what you can do) to manage public money in your country and community;
  • how can your government improve the way it communicates around money and its budget;
  • how to take part in a regional/national campaign to communicate and engage on public finance.

The Make it Public – Finance Mentorship Package Includes

  • 2 intensive online / offline trainings on financial management and budget submission;
  • networking and communication with people from different professional areas;
  • set of inspiration, research, innovation, brainstorming and prototyping;
  • the opportunity to create a team project or your very own creative initiative and present it to the jury, and get financial support, mentorship and even a publishing contract!

Who can apply?

  • Registered Non-for-profit organizations (NGOs), Media organisations, youth organisations from the Pacific region that are either doing work in the Governance/Accountability/PFM space or are interested in integrating this into their existing development/community programmes.
  • Chambers of Commerce and organizations representing other interest on PFM related topics and/or organize engagements with oversight institutions.
  • Youth networks, community-based organisations – represented by one or multiple individuals (3 individuals maximum per group/network/organisation).
  • Visual artists, artists, graphic designers, and creative CSO representatives.
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The Make it Public - Finance Mentorship Process

  1. Recruiting and registration of the participants; 
  2. Participants will be divided in two groups:  
    • Group 1: Non-for-profit organizations (NGOs), Chambers of Commerce, Media organisations, youth organisations, interested individuals, communities,
    • Group 2: visual artists, other artists, graphic designers, media;
  3. Trainings on public finance management for all, and specific trainings for budget submissions and budget transparency (group 1) and turning your art into a professional vocation and art for development (group 2);
  4. Implementation of project activities by participants; direct support to the participants in development budget submissions, activities on increasing the transparency and civic engagement into PFM (group 1) and producing a portfolio of work which will enable you to work in the development sector (group 2);
  5. Results documentation and learning.

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