Development Concept for the establishment of a Regional VET Centre in North Macedonia

Development Concept for the establishment of a Regional VET Centre in North Macedonia

April 18, 2022

The concept for developing Regional Centres for Vocational Education and Training (abbrev. RVETCs), which covers the formal, non-formal, adult education and validation of the non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL) was prepared upon initiative from the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Concept paper was prepared with the support of the British Emabssy in project “ Bridging the Skills Gap to Create New and Better Jobs“ implemented by UNDP. 

The objective is to establish a self-sustainable and forward-looking VET concept, which is integrated into the national educational system, but also into the regional and European VET environment, with clearly distinguishable mechanisms for provision of educational and vocational learning outcomes.

This Concept provides guidelines for further steps towards more attractive, efficient, and effective VET as well as vision for further development.

The development of the Concept begins with a short introduction to the environment in which the RVETC should be placed, identifying the challenges as seen from a holistic perspective of the clients, (e.g., students, parents, adult learners, companies, and people with learning difficulties), partners and users of the services of an RVETC. The Centre is then placed into the context of the Government reform in VET and adult education and is looked into the main features of the environment in which the centre is to be placed. International examples of best practice from different models are presented, to inspire the work of generating a suitable model for the country environment.

The key functional elements of the RVETC concept are also explained such as the type, expected role and main functions of the Centre, then the management and administration, outlining the anticipated roles and responsibilities of the different functions.

The Regional VET Centres are foreseen with the Education Strategy for 2018-2025. It is expected that with their establishment the efficiency of the VET reforms will be improved by centralization of investments and concentration of results, as well as promotion and dissemination of VET innovations based on good international practices.

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