Skopje Remembers

Documentary movie dedicated to commemorating 60 years of the Skopje earthquake

July 26, 2023


We present you the documentary movie "Skopje Remembers" - a mesmerizing tribute crafted to mark the 60th anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake that struck the city on July 26, 1963.

Embarking on a profound journey six decades back, this film immerses you in the poignant testimonies of those who survived the calamity, while bearing witness to the remarkable reconstruction of Skopje, a city that became a synonym of solidarity.

Through captivating storytelling, the documentary delves into the visionary aspirations of Kenzo Tange, as recounted by his own son, Paul Tange, who offers a unique perspective on the city's metamorphosis. It further highlights the significant role played by the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP under the mandate of the UN in the establishment of the revitalized Skopje, post the devastating earthquake.

Watch the documentary as we pay homage to the resilience of a city and its people, and the enduring legacy of hope and cooperation that emerged from the rubble.