Presentation of a model for establishing the first Multifunctional Community Centre for Social Services n the Municipality of Gostivar

July 22, 2022


The UNDP Resident Representative, Armen Grigoryan, together with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Jovanka Trencevska, the Ambassador of Switzerland to North Macedonia, H.E. Véronique Hulmann, and the Mayor of the Municipality of Gostivar, Arben Taravari, attended the presentation of the model for establishing the first Centre for Social Services at home and in the community in the Municipality of Gostivar.

The center is envisioned as a valuable community initiative where the Municipality in cooperation with UNDP has adapted and equipped Community Center for social services - care economy and professional rehabilitation and employment services in Gostivar. The services will be implemented in partnership with a civil society organization, supported and engaged under care economy programme, to be licensed as social service provider by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Community Centre for Social Services in the Municipality of Gostivar

The Multifunctional Community centre is unique not only for the town of Gostivar and Polog Region, but also at a national level.  The model will provide overarching support for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups of citizens, who will receive support, professional rehabilitation, respite care, in-home care services, socialization, occupational activities, training, job activation, support for employment and job placement services. In addition, the private sector will provide the most adequate training schemes in accordance with market demands in the gastronomy sector.

“Creating job opportunities and social inclusion for vulnerable and marginalized groups are one of UNDP’s priorities in the country, which is why we are grateful to have the support of our Swiss partners and the Government of North Macedonia. We work together in establishment and introducing models of social services that protect, activate, and support vulnerable groups which lead to greater access, inclusion, labour market activation, and increased employment. transparency and accountability.” – underlined Armen Grigoryan, UNDPMK’s Resident Representative.

Moreover, the center will focus on support of social entrepreneurs as providers of care economy services selected CSOs under the care economy measure funded by the Governmental Employment Plan (OP 2021/22). Specific focus is put on women economic empowerment especially in the traditional environment in Polog region and obtaining the formalization of the unpaid care work.


The selected CSO – Resursen Centar – Gostivar is engaged by the Municipality of Gostivar to manage and administer the Center under a specific business model and a specific business plan. The business plan will lead to establishing social enterprise that provide income, also payment for services of professional rehabilitation, care and assistance services, occupational activities, trainings for independent living, job activation etc.

Minister Trencevska emphasized the significance of each step taken and each new activity in the sphere of social protection which contribute for facilitating the way of living of the vulnerable categories of citizens. “By creating new and enhancing the existing human capacities in the community, as well as by utilizing the available resources, a benefit will be provided for the citizens who are in need of care and assistance, alternative family care, rehabilitation, recreation, independent living support, activation and support for inclusion in the labour market.” – said Trencevka.